Improve a knowledge about all important details of the Shar pei Standard. Bring information via multichannel to breeders, judges and unify perception of the breed in this communities. Standard commission works with respect to FCI standard, FCI regulation and Statute.

  • Prepare an explanation of all points of standard under the mentoring of Matgo Law.
  • Prepare a professional articles for Show and Judges commission of FCI.
  • The commission for standard is fully responsible for an appropriate presentation for an annual symposium
  • Recommend a lectors for annual symposium.
  • Ensure all materials are on the web page for basic education of judges and breeders.
  • Prepare a power point presentation for easy to use with the most important details of the standard.
  • Looking for opportunity to share information to right respondents using multichannel tools.
  • Prepare a content for a speakers training – half day workshop for respectable and talented lectors – judges, breeders.
  • Umbrella for the speakers training.
  • Mentoring for judges on the EFSPC judging list – regular support with education materials, mailing with actual information, consultancy.


The breeding commission is devoted to the breeding concerns in accordance with FCI rules. Our main task is help to improve knowledge of breeders and owners about FCI breeding regulations to avoid a breeding mistakes and to improve perception of shar pei as healthy breed with well balanced temperament.
One of the main tasks of the Breeding Commission is the control and surveillance of breeding. All education activities will be with main focus to functionally healthy dogs with a construction and mentality typical to the breed, dogs that can live a long and happy life for the benefit and pleasure of the owner and the society as well as the dog itself.

  • Close cooperation with health and standard commissions.
  • Prepare info box with basic breeding rules to avoid main breeding mistakes.
  • Responsibility for a lecture with breeding topic (during annual symposium).
  • Prepare EFSPC rules for positive motivation of breeders to follow the Ethical codex – Breeding certification of European Federation SPC.
  • Register of the dogs with EFSPC breeding certificate.
  • Write out a EF SPC breeding certificates – check submitted documents, send to the owners.
  • Supervising the database

Breeding commission follow a rules of the EFSPC and FCI. Breeding commission is a recommendation authority with respect to a national breeding regulations.
Education of breeders is to be recommended rather than strict breeding regulations and stringent demands in breeding programs, which can easily result in reduced genetic diversity in the breed as well as exclusion of excellent breed representatives and reduced cooperation with conscientious breeders. Breeders and breed clubs should be encouraged to cooperate with scientists in genetic health issues, to prevent combination of dogs from lines that will result in unhealthy offspring. Screening should only be recommended for diseases and breeds where the disease has major impact on the dogs’ functional health.


The health and scientific commission is devoted to the healthcare and wellbeing concerns in accordance with FCI rules and inquiries .The working group works in collaboration with scientific people and researchers in manner of communicate at large majors informations to breeders, owners and all are interested about. 
Our missions will be focused on: 

The health in your daily routine with your Shar-Pei.
Health education for improving knowledges and behaviors toward the breed. 
Research process and progress in the breed. 
Communication with great specialists and researcher as Medecine University , laboratories ,and specialist veterinary. 
Promote and explain all tests available in the breed.

  • Deliver professional articles for health web box.
  • Responsibility for a presentation with a health topic during the annual symposium.
  • Recommendation and ensure a respectable speaker for the annual symposium.


Umbrella for all EFSPC shows. Recommendation for organizing committees in all countries and unifies  a certification of all EFSPC shows. Advisory board for judges on the list of breed specialists. Responsibility for competition as TOP EF shar pei of the year, List of EF Champions and up date of the proposition for an annual EFSPC championships. Close cooperation with standard commission. All commission work based on the Statute of EFSPC, European law and FCI regulation and Statute.

  • Preparing regulation for EFSPC show.
  • Making show calendar under EFSPC (collecting all apply form from clubs).
  • Collecting recommendation for judges wish list for EFSPC shows.
  • Printing CC EFSPC cards and provide them for organizing committees of the each show.
  • Collecting show results from EFSPC shows, publication on the web site.
  • Organization of the education seminars and professional materials for breed judges in cooperation with the standard commission
  • Collecting points for Top Shar Pei of the year, checking and public full ranking – updated during year
  • Organization of the annual main show of the EFSPC – EFSPC Championship
  • Preparing regulation for a titles Champion of the European federation
  • Collecting apply  form for the EFCHs, printing and sending
  • Shows statistic for EFSPC
  • Collect, prepare and public an annual calendar of the CC EFSPC shows
  • Prepare and announce propositions for CC EFSPC
  • Advertisement of the show activities EFSPC