European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

Specialty Show Shar Pei CAC SKŠP CELJE 2019, SLO.

Organised by Shar pei club of Slovenia; CELJE 2019. Judge Mrs. Heidi Kirschbichler, A.

Puppy class 6-9 months
1. Olmo Del Peodoro, very promising.
Young class 9-18 months
Breeder & Owner: Gabri Shar Pei DelPeodoro

2. One minute to midnight Du Bouguet Imperial, PRM, JBOB, Best male, BOB, JCCEFSPC; BOB EFSPC.
Breeder & Owner: Valérie Lore, France.
3. Orkaan Du Bouquet Imperial, Exc. 2.
Breeder & Owner: Valérie Lore, France.

Intermediate class
4. Khambaliq Vintage, VG ,
Breeder Isabella Pizzamiglio, Owner: Ingrid Sedej.

Open class
5. Close to you; Exc. CAC, CC EFSPC

Champion class
6. Ch Jasdoren Normann Noble, Exc.1, CAC, CCEFSPC
Breeder & Owner: Mari Naskali, Finland.
7. Ch Talkin’bout A Revolution Del Peodoro, Exc.2, R.CAC,
Breeder & Owner: Gabri Shar Pei Del Peodoro

Veteran class
8. Golding B albo the dog of magican, Exc. 2,
Breeder Golding Kennel, Owner Neža Jarc
9. Jasdoren Horqatio Honette, Exc.1, VBOB, VCCEFSPC.

Open class
10. Lolita Du Bouquet Imperial, Exc. 2, R.CAC Breeder & Owner Valérie Lore
11. Golding Over the rainbov Olivia, Exc.1. CAC. CCEFSPC
Breeder Golding Owner: Ana Poljanšek

Champion class
12. Jasdoren Quetty Quebecoise, Exc.2
Breeder & Owner: Mari Naskalo, Finland
13. From the sky del Peodoro, Exc. 3, Breeder&Owner: Gabri Shar Pei DelPeodoro
14. Party with Devil Lela shar pei, Exc.1, CAC; CCEFSPC, Best female, BOS; BOS EFSPC.
Breeder & Owner: Zeljka Gojun Lela shar pei.

Congrats to all . Welcome to Celje 2020. EDS and Shar pei specialty on 10. and 11. october 2020. We wait for you.

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