European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

Tamás Jakkel/HU, prezident FCI

Dr. Tamás Jakkel

President of the FCI (since 2019)

I was born in a percect family with one single exception: we had no dogs. In my age of 5 I started to ask my parents to have an English cocker spaniel. I started my connection with the breed in my age of 12. Ever since I’ve bred or owned 34 World-and European Winners under my prefix „Black Mirage”. Some years later I joined to the already World renowned Smooth-haired Dachshund kennel „vom Golf” and „mini Golf” of which I am the owner nowdays. We bred over 50 World/European Winners and over 150 FCI International Champions under this prefix. I also used to have a European Winner Medium Poodle and in the last decade my family became strongly attached to the Magyar Agár having bred several World and European Winners in this magnificent breed under the prefix „ ILLA-Berek”.

Being dedicated besides my private life – of being a Chief Surgeon, Clinical Oncologist, later on a teaching Professor at the Medical University – I took my part of the dog-related administration at my very early age. I was the President of the Hungarian Spaniel Association for 24 years, still being its Board member. I was the President of the Magyar Agár Section of the parent Club of the breed (Hungarian Sighthound). I was a member of the Hungarian Kennel Club’s Board for many years before.

As long as my activity quickly became an International one I also had been involved in the FCI. I was a Board member of the FCI European Section for many years since its establishment later on I was its Vice-President. I also had been the Vice-President of the FCI Judges’ Commission. I resigned from both of these functions when I was elected as the member of the FCI General Committee in 2009. I am the Board’s representative in both the FCI Show Commission and the Show Judges Commission ever since.

As the recognition of my work I have been awarded the FCI Golden Pin by the President of the FCI. In 2017. I was also elected as a member of the FCI Executive Committee as the Treasurer of the FCI.

As an influence of my mentor, Tibor Bródy I became a judge in 1985 an FCI all-rounder in 2001. I was judging all over the World in all 5 Continents where dog shows being held including some of the largest Shows in the World (FCI, KC, CKC, AKC) and many interesting breed Specialties in well over 80 countries.

I am ready and looking forward to participate in any dog-related activity where my passion, knowledge and perfectionism can serve the interest of dogs’ breeding and their responsible ownership.

Gayle Gussin Gold Creasman (USA)


Gayle Gussin Gold Creasman

Breeder, judge, member of the Standard committee and the Judges education committee

In 1974 we acquired our first show dog. I learned a lot with her as all novices do when they know nothing. I learned to groom and handle dogs in a show ring. We had our first litter of puppies there were 13. It was quite a feat and they all lived. From that experience we went on to acquire a breed that had just been admitted into AKC. Where I successfully showed and finished a couple of dogs.

The fascination of hearing the stories of taking a dog breed to recognition led us to search for a rare breed. That led us to Chinese Shar-Pei. We searched for over a year before finding our foundation bitch. There were about 40 in the USA when we started our search.


That foundation bitch with very selective breeding and help from breeders across the country became the start of The House Of Gold and led me on a journey that 45 years later I still love.

I have been judging Shar-Pei since the mid 1980’s and became the first licensed breeder judge when we were admitted to AKC. I have judged all over the United States and have judged our National Specialty multiple times. I am FCI licensed and have been honored to judge in multiple European countries.

I am one of the members of the Standards committee and am on the judges education committee. I hope to be able to help you understand some of the unique features of this breed.

Prof DrVet Alexandra Trbolová, PhD./CZ Oftalmológ

Prof. DrVet. Alexandra Trbolová, PhD. 

Veterinarian, Ophthalmologist

Prof. MVDr. Alexandra Trbolová, PhD, graduated from University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice in 1987.

After graduation until now, she has been working at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice at Small Animal Clinic, since September 2015 she is head of department, and from 1.03.2019 Vice-rector for Clinical activities.

Prof. Trbolová specializes in veterinary ophthalmology since 1993.  She visited Florida to received education in ophthalmology from   Prof. K.N. Gelatt and D. Brooks. She attended the specialized training in Germany in Giessen and Munich (prof. Neumann and prof. Kostlin) and at University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna (prof. Nell). Between 2012 and 2015 Prof. Trbolova actively participated in intensive veterinary ophthalmology specialists training, which took place under the leadership of diplomats of ACVO and ECVO (R. Ofri, T. Zemlic, N. Hakansson, D.J. Maggs). She is visiting lecturer at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science Brno.

Professor Trbolová scientific research projects received several grants aimed at modern methods of treatment of chronic eye diseases in dogs, cats and horses, retinal changes in aging dogs. She has introduced the use of dried amniotic membrane in veterinary ophthalmology. Her researches are directed toward hereditary eye diseases and their diagnosis. Prof. Trbolová has more than 350 scientific and professional publication.

In 2015 she founded The East European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (EESVO) in Slovakia. She is past president of EESVO, and board member of EESVO. The main goals of the association (in cooperation with Dipl. ECVO and ACVO) are to support the education of veterinarians in veterinary ophthalmology specialization.   In 2018  as president of EESVO she organized together with ESVO Ophthalmology meeting in Prague. From 2019 she is a board member of ISVO (International Society of veterinary ophthalmology)

Mgr. Viera Staviarska/SK, chovateľka, rozhodkyňa

Mgr. Viera Staviarska

Breeder, Judge, kennel Magic Sonet

  • Kennel Magic Sonet since 1993
  • Judge license since 1998
  • President of The Shar pei club of Slovakia.
  • Previous President of the Club of a moloss breeders and Dogo argentino.
  • President of the European federation of Shar pei clubs.
  • In 2015 awarded by SK Kennel Union the Silver Medal of Honor for an active work for cynology. 
  • Active as lector with presentations about a quality of dog life, health, responsibility of breeders and an explanation of standard of shar pei. 
  • An author of a many professional articles about health of dogs, ethical breeding principles, especially about shar pei.
  • An author of a campaign Dog is for life not for business, a founder of a web portal Way to go with professional information for owners and breeders. 
  • Leader of the Breeding committee of SK Kennel Union

My first dog was Dalmatian and I stay big fan for this breed till now. But as a breeder, I am loyal to shar pei, since I saw my first female as a puppy. It is almost  30 years.  They have a place in our house forever. In breeding, I have very strict focus on a health and as well as for nice exterior.  New owners become our family friends. Always I try to be with them and help as much as possible. I am happy; they repeatedly come back and enjoy puppies from our kennel.

I was honored to judge a lot of shows. Not possible to count the total number. Because I have large experiences as a breeder, a judge and an exhibitor, I understand all sides of “the coin”.  With love and respect to the breeds, owners and exhibitors, I have judged a big specialty shows in many countries,  many international, national shows cross Europe, European shows and World dog shows. 

In privet life I am working as a marketing director. I love gardening, DIY, photography and reading of non-fiction literature. But I prefer to be in my garden with my beloved dogs.

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