European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

Secretary EF SPC
[email protected]

  • My name is Mirjana Buhovac Rozman. Many people know me with my nick name »mama pei«.
  • My son Dejan Buhovac and my husband Lovrenc Rozman are »guilty« of the fact that dogs have entered my life. 
    Since 1992 we live with shar peis. We started breeding in 1994. It was precisely these days that we had to make a difficult decision to stop breeding in our Golding kennel. 
    In the years when we were very active on the dog shows, we also achieved very good successes. 
  • Golding kennel is very proud of the long journey. From our home to 27 countries around the world live many puppies. We are proud of world champions, vice world champions, European and American champions born in our home. 
    I’m particularly pleased that the team of lovers of the shar pei breed has invited me as a representative of the Slovenian shar pei club, to join the establishment of the European federation shar pei clubs.
  • Thank you for nominate and vote me for secretary of EF. I promise, I will give all my energy to do what I can the best for EF and our shar peis. 
  • I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to attend the first General Assembly of the EF in conjunction with a Ingrid, member of our club. 
    I wish and I hope that more and more clubs and individuals will join EF and that with work all together, love and care for the breed, they will contribute to the exclusivity of the federation for the shar pei breed, which is so great for all of us. 
    Yours mama pei.

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