European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

Health commission – Commission Lead.
[email protected]

  • My name is Joana Brenndoerfer and I am 51 years old. I work in Traffic Management for Lufthansa German Airlines for 30 years now. Together with my husband and our two Shar Pei we live in Wüstems, a small village in the High Taunus, close to Frankfurt am Main.
  • Dogs are my passion and Shar Pei are my vocation.
  • My entry to the SP world was 27 years ago, beginning with rescue. During this period, I studied the breed and did also a lot of research about the SP and SP health. Dr.Linda Tintle is a good friend of mine and I am happy and glad to say, I contributed a lot to the SPAID test, that has been validated and issued. My kennel’s name is “Treasure of Dali Shar Pei”.
  • I am not a professional SP breeder, but more interested to breed for health. Matgo Law is also a very good and old friend of mine and I would love to help keeping his dream alive.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience for the future of this unique breed is needed, also educational information for new breeders and show judges. I look forward to the collaboration with SP breeders and friends from all over Europe.

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