European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

🇸🇰 16.-17. SEPTEMBER 2023 – Slovakia

EFSPC 2023  in Slovakia  16. – 17. SEPT 2023, Senec

Are you ready for something special? In one day, in the same place!

2 shows, 2 exceptional judges, 2 x CAC, Epeiros winner and CC of the European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs!

You have never experienced such a rich program at a special exhibition! The combination of the Epeiros Cup and the Jubilee Special Exhibition with a unique program!


Meeting Matga Law – the savior of the breed and the creator of the first standard! And breed spetialist from UK Judie Rowlands!

Symposium, test of temperament, fantastic Gala dinner and two exhibitions in one day!

Proposals for exhibitions, registration and the entire program:

About judges:

Gala dinner:

Test of temperament:

School of handling:


Jubilee Special Exhibition  (for English, scroll down)

Epiros cup:


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