European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

Discount price of DNA TESTs for members of EFSPC

Official agreement with Laboklin. Our members (via clubs and individuals) have price discount on DNA Breed specific tests :

  • Shar Pei autoinflammatory disease SPAID: 38,66€ instead of 50€
  • Primary open angle glaucoma and lens luxation: POAG/PLL 38,66€ instead of 50€
  • Tests suitable for all breeds (most relevant for SharPei should be Degenerative Myelopathy):
    Degenerative myelopathy (exon 2) DM: 50,42€ instead of 65,13€
    Hyperurikosuria SLC: 38,66€ instead of 50€
    Malignant hyperthermia MH: 38,66€ instead of 50€
    For DNA Profiling we charge 35,29 per DNA Profile/genetic fingerprint.

How to got EFSPC breeders discount prices:

  1. apply as soon as the semples sends a copy of your membership in a EFSPC together with the submission form (attached) ENGLISH FORM, DEUTCH FORM
  2. or register in Laboklin webshop  ahead of ordering the test.

    Genetic tests will then automatically charged with a reduced price.

How to get EFSPC breeders discount prices

  • Only member of EFSPC can get membership card (document)
  • Members via clubs – ask your club for membership card (document)
  • Individual members –  ask ambassador in your country for membership card (document) –  address of ambrassadors

Copy of document is enought for submission.

The Prices are prices without VAT = tax.
If a customer can deliver the VAT number with the order,  the invoice can be done without VAT. (in the Webshop of the  which has the default setting of german taxes as the order is placed in Germany directly).

Examples of German, Slovak prices:
Customers have to pay VAT(19%)resulting in prices of:
42€ DNA Profile
(“mit Mehrwertsteuer”=with VAT)

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