Longevity study

The study was made in large population of Irish Wolfhound breed, but ALL findings are applicable for all breed, including shar pei!

5 aspects of the shar pei´s coat

Shar Pei’s coat Author: Viera Staviarska Dear my colleagues, friends (message from FB judges page; Author: Viera Staviarska)  I took decision to put here some important information about judging of shar pei. The reason why I decided to share it, is serious dissatisfaction of exhibitors and breeders across Europe. Please, don´t take it personally because […]

The end of the wrinkles dilemma

The end of the wrinkles dilemma ( I hope…) Author: Mgr. Viera Staviarska For me, wrinkles have become my everyday topic. Did this grab your attention? I´m going to disappoint you. This time, it´s not about my wrinkles. However, stay focused because maybe it also involves you… Download full article Faça o download do artigo completo […]

Shar Pei Coat

European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs

Matgo Law, November 2015. Coat and Tail are indeed two very important features of Shar Pei to distinguish it from other breeds o f dogs.

Shar Pei Tail

Matgo Law, December 2015. Tail of Shar Pei is another important feature to distinguish the breed from other breeds of dog.

In Those Early Days

Ms. Michela Barbieri Vice President of Italian Shar Pei Club asked me to write about. The difficulties you’ve encountered during the period when Shar Pei was al most extincted.

The Dilute Colours of Shar Pei

Shar Pei's coat

Author: Matgo Law, July 2014. The original colours of Shar Pei as I saw in my early days were fawn (light sandy yellow to red fawn), black and cream.